And yes, I did it JUST to piss off Hoge and his lickspittles!


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All Hoge Lickspittle Questions — ANSWERED!

How can I possibly ask Mr. Hoge to answer my simple questions if I refuse to answer those asked by his lickspittles?  So, where I am able (i.e., when I can ascertain what the fuck these idiots are mumbling about), I will attempt to answer.

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 10.31.37 AM47.  For the first year of my life, my older brother thought I was a basketball.

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 10.32.34 AMI guess I was about 17. We are a thick-necked people, we Schmalfeldts. I see it as a source of pride. Much like our huge penises. Even among our women.

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Hoge Learns the Horrible Truth

We will be filing a motion with the Maryland Court of Appeals asking the Highest Court in the state to place a stay on the enforcement of Hoge’s peace order against me.  According to the Maryland Rules, Section 8-303(4)(e) we have the right to ask the court to place a stay on the order while they consider whether or not to grant a writ of certiorari.  This also means it is far less likely that the Carroll County States Attorney will wish to prosecute the eight charges Hoge has filed against me for violating a peace order that may no longer exist by the time the court dates arrive.

As one might imagine, Hoge did not take the news of this filing very well.

For his part, Hoge refuses to answer my questions about what happened when he tried to file charges on me based on “pingbacks.” Instead, he asks a series of his own questions which I will answer gladly once he answers the questions I asked him first.

Oh, and wait until you see how his demented lickspittles forced my ex-wife to come to my defense! Hi-Larious!

Why Have I Not Been Charged for ‘Pingbacks’ Yet?

It was August 19 — three days ago — when WJJ Hoge was all set to march down to the Carroll County Courthouse with a moldy cardboard box fulla “pingbacks” what I done sent him in direct violation of the peace order he currently has which says I am not allowed to contact him directly, indirectly, think about him, or make a “HOOOOOH-Geeeee” noise in the bathroom.

He was ADAMANT as you will recall from this post on Aug. 19. (This, unfortunately, will cause another pingback.)

Schmalfeldt began breaking the truce by his behavior toward me beginning on Saturday, 17 August. He did so when he put up a post on his more-lives-than-a-cat Patriot-Ombudsman website (No, I won’t link to it.) containing a link with a pingback to a post at Hogewash!. Such a pingback generates an email to me regarding approval of pingback as a comment on my site. Causing an email to be sent to me is, at the very least, an attempt to contact me if not actual contact. The peace order requires that Schmalfeldt shall not contact, attempt to contact, or harass me.

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Hoge ‘Comes Clean’ on Tetyana Fund

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 5.48.04 PM

OK, so aside from still not telling the true story behind why they dropped Tetyana like she was a hunk of glowing plutonium, Hoge makes a lame attempt here to “come clean” about the money that was raised. The question. Is this story bullshit? Or just an outright lie?

Who got the $3,000? Zoa Barnes?  Would Hoge mind posting a photocopy of that particular expenditure in the interest of transparency? And I, for one, would like to see proof that everyone who gave a dime to this fund is being refunded. Or will we hear “we tried to give the money back, but everyone says ‘Oh, you KEEP that money, Mr. Hoge!'”

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